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Hi, my name is David Gordon Cliff and I’m running for Board of Selectmen. My campaign theme is simple: Keep Wayland Strong.  To me, the essence of Wayland is 3 core values:  Premier schools, Marvelous open spaces, A safe and caring community.

Core Values and Priorities

Candidates Night Opening Remarks

Candidates Night Closing Remarks

Compare the Selectmen Candidates
Wayland’s Board of Selectmen “acts as the principal policy-making authority of the town.” There are big differences between Gordon and Tony on the direction we should take. Look carefully at each candidate’s platform and track record before you vote. Heading in the wrong direction will be hard to undo.

Read Opening Remarks: Ask the Candidates, Live! with Peter Gossells (March 28, 2013)

Watch Ask the Candidates, Live! (Start at Minute 48), March 28, 2013

Watch Audit Committee Meeting: 3/27/2013: Last night’s Audit committee revealed some interesting insights. Start at minute 24. One vote went 4:1, with Mr. Boschetto in dramatic minority. Also, our town auditor continues to weigh in that the town is in good shape and continues to manage its $$ well.

Read Both Candidates’ Responses on Wayland eNews and Compare

Watch Candidates Night on WayCAM
(The meeting is long; scroll ahead to the Selectman part that starts at minute 55)

Watch Dec. 4, 2012 Planning Board meeting: Candidates discuss the potential CVS development in Cochitutate (Go to minute 50).


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